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Customer Service Strategy to Success

Customer support transition case study

Key Highlights

we did

L0 and L1 global support transitioned to Aeries

we helped

Supported queries through calls, support portal, emails, server alarms

- SLAs

Critical : 15 min | Severe: 4 hrs | Minor: 12 hrs

Customer Support and Customer Service functions are critical elements of an organization that focus on solving problems that are faced by customers. Knowledge gained from customer service also serves as feedback and information to help the sales team reach their goals. Besides keeping the present customers loyal, great customer support inspires word of mouth publicity.

Business Challenge

The client is a leading manufacturer of fault tolerant servers and software. Aeries was already engaged with the client on their Engineering and R&D functions. The client needed help with their customer support practice as well to make it cost effective yet efficient.

The current support model of the client included support at 3 different escalation levels, namely  L0 (triage)  ->   L1    ->  L2.

  • The primary responsibility of the L0 team was to triage calls from customers reporting concerns and enter them into the customer database.
  • The L1 team collaborates with the customer to –
    • Apply the appropriate patch fixes.
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Restart of Services
    • Suggest other techniques for resolving conflicts (hardware replacement, disc replacement, reboot, etc.)
  • L2 Engineers – Inhouse
    • Responsible for building a world-class support organization.
    • Setting a high-quality bar for the rest of the support leadership team.

Aeries Solution

Aeries already had a comprehensive understanding of the client’s operations, and suggested leveraging this knowledge to build a robust customer interaction management system for their customer support organization as well.

  • Aeries suggested that the client should transition the L0 (triage) and L1 global customer support for server operations to Aeries.
  • The first to be transitioned was L1 and it was completed within a period of 3 months beginning from Feb 2018 to April 2018. Aeries helped the client by offshoring its customer support operations and hiring new employees to handle them. They provided the new employees with all the training and transferred the required knowledge. By the end of April 2018, they were live on support.
  • After the successful transition of L1, Aeries was asked to transition L0 for which the hiring and knowledge transfer took about four months, starting from Feb 2019 to May 2019, after which the team went live.

Business Impact

The successful transition of L1 and L0 support functions to Aeries, a leader in telecom managed services, led to significant operational improvements for the client. Aeries was able to adhe to the following SLAs: 

  • Critical Issues: 15 minutes.
  • Severe: 4 hours.
  • Minor/moderate: 12 hours.

Timeline for transition:

Customer Support Transition at aeries technology


 “We’re very impressed by the responsiveness from everyone involved at support, the entire experience has been very positive and reassuring.”

“Thank you so much for your help this morning. I know this was a unique situation and you handled it perfectly and professionally.  This was my first interaction with support, and it was a very reassuring experience to say the least; I don’t know of another situation where I have had a resolution this promptly.”

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