Aeries Technology

Streamline Telecom Service Delivery Management Process

Service delivery setup for telecom case study

Key Highlights


Domain expertise provided for service delivery operations

4-6 Weeks

To ramp up Access Provisioning & Disconnects teams


Cost savings with 100+ resources

Service Delivery in telecom requires strong domain understanding and working experience on operations support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS). The Aeries team works on customer queries in backend and makes sure customer gets quality delivery.

Business Challenge

The client was working with an inhouse team who was handling their service delivery. Although the team had over 2 decades of knowledge, there was no documentation of processes or a defined SOP for handling customer service. Also, the service methodology spanning across multiple (similar) tools resulted in a complicated process. The client needed expertise in OSS and BSS systems to provide cost-effective yet efficient customer support, necessitating a customer support transition.

Aeries Solution 

  •  Aeries has previously worked with the client on other engagements, and this time assisted them in targeting the right talent required for their service delivery operations. With a strong focus on customer interaction solutions, Aeries enabled the team to work on customer queries in the backend and ensure that customers receive quality delivery. Bangalore was selected as the best possible location based on the skills availability and the presence of telecom companies along with their back-offices
  • Aeries set up two teams, one for handling disconnects and the other for handling access provisioning.
  • They assisted the client in hiring immediate joiners to onboard critical mass to start knowledge transfer.
  • The client started with on job KT or KT and Parallel run to make early contributions to volume and to document every process and take signoff.
  • Aeries also assisted the client in identifying the scope of process automation technology along with process simplifications and improvements.

Business Impact 

  • Aeries helped the client achieve an annualized cost savings of 70%, with a team size of 112 resources.
  • They also helped the client ramp up the process within 4-6 weeks. 

The team in charge of disconnects was able to assist in the following ways:

  • 14000+ cases resolved
  • Productivity more than legacy team
  • Multiple processes now 100% delivered from India

The team in charge of Access Provisioning was able to assist in the following ways:

  • 5500+ milestones completed (productivity closer to legacy team in 8-12 weeks)
  • India team now contributes to 80% of overall volume

In addition to the above, Aeries was also able to provide the following value added services to the customer: