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Aeries Partners with Healthcare Providers To Establish AI Global Capability Center

Aeries Technology has proudly partnered with a leading healthcare technology provider, supporting millions of consumers and processing billions in healthcare payments annually. Renowned for its robust platforms, our client sought help in managing extensive global operations for higher efficiency and service quality. This led to a strategic collaboration aimed at addressing these critical issues.  

Clients’ Immediate Needs and Challenges: Consolidating Operations, Acquiring Talent, and Enhancing Competitive Edge

The client needed a reliable partner to achieve several critical goals:

Strategic Imperatives:

  • Establish and rapidly scale a Global Capability Center (GCC) to consolidate global operations.
  • Rebadge and retain key talent from existing third-party vendor resources.
  • Overcome post-pandemic challenges in acquiring skilled software professionals.

Operational Challenges:

  • Enhance efficiency and maintain a competitive edge by consolidating scattered operations and centralizing key functions.
  • Manage a high volume of inquiries from various stakeholders, adding complexity and impacting response times.

Streamlining operations was crucial to improving service delivery and bolstering competitive positioning.

Aeries’ Innovative Solution: Establishing a Comprehensive Global Capability Center

In 2021, the client established a Global Capability Center (GCC) in Bangalore, India, with Aeries’ support. This centralized hub consolidated the client’s operations from the US and Eastern Europe into India, while also driving innovation through AI-powered solutions designed to improve stakeholder communication and service delivery. The GCC’s comprehensive structure manages diverse functions across engineering and R&D, governance and administration, operations, and technical support.

Global Capability Center

Strategic Talent Acquisition and Facility Development

Talent Acquisition: The GCC grew significantly despite the pandemic, and the team could complete the initial set-up, hiring 160+ resources in 15 months. Today, the GCC has over 295 full-time equivalents in alignment with Aeries’ Purpose-Built Model. This growth is driven by Aeries’ targeted hiring strategies, including remote hiring, referral programs, and candidate initiatives aimed at attracting the best talent. Additionally, Aeries has maintained operational agility and efficiency by hiring temporary staff to respond to seasonal spikes in claims operations.

Branding and Infrastructure: Within three months, Aeries constructed a world-class LEED Gold-compliant office in Bangalore to reflect the client’s brand and meet stringent operational needs while ensuring HIPAA compliance. The development of the facility, along with a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), enhanced connectivity for global centers and fostered a high-performance work environment. This strategic localization retained top talent and optimized operational efficiency and performance.  

As a noteworthy innovation, once the operations were set up and stabilized, the GCC team in India developed a generative AI-powered chatbot as a Proof of Concept (POC). Designed to efficiently handle inquiries from stakeholders such as end-users, employers, and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), this chatbot significantly reduced call and support ticket volumes. It utilized Azure Cloud to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect intellectual property, continuously enhancing its responses by learning from interactions and high-quality data like product documentation and feature updates. The GCC followed a rigorous product development approach with thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure robust functionality. The POC received positive feedback at the client’s partner conference, indicating strong potential for broader implementation.

Results: Transforming Operations through Operational Excellence

  • Rapid Scale-Up: The GCC currently has more than 295+ members, successfully transitioning global operations.
  • High Satisfaction Levels: Achieved a 92% employee satisfaction (E-SAT) score and maintained a 100% customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.
  • Innovation Recognition: The POC received positive feedback at the client’s partner conference and is poised for broader implementation.
  • Efficiency Gains: The Chatbot POC significantly reduced call and support ticket volumes, expecting substantial annual savings in support-related expenses.

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard in Healthcare Technology

The establishment of the Global Capability Center has marked a transformative phase in healthcare management for our client, setting new standards in operational efficiency and service delivery. As the GCC evolves, it promises to drive future innovations and sustain the client’s leadership in the healthcare technology sector. This strategic initiative demonstrates Aeries’ commitment to technological advancement and its capability to deliver substantial improvements in healthcare operations.

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