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Aeries Purpose-Built Model for Private Equity and Portfolio Companies

In an industry where adapting to change is vital, Aeries has pioneered a thoughtful approach to outsourcing – the Purpose-Built Model. We understand that a singular, standardized solution no longer suffices in today’s dynamic landscape. The Purpose-Built Model by Aeries Technology is an innovative framework that combines the best aspects of both captive and vendor setups, recognizing the unique requirements of each client.

Watch these videos that explore the Purpose-Built Model, offering a brief but comprehensive understanding of how we have created a flexible and responsive approach, ensuring our services align perfectly with your unique business demands.

What is Aeries ‘Purpose-Built Model’

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Why Aeries ‘Purpose-Built Model’

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Purpose-Built Model FAQs

Aeries’ Purpose-Built Model integrates the advantages of captive and vendor models, simplifying compliance and infrastructure issues while providing operational control and scalability.

The Aeries Purpose-Built Model offers cost reductions, efficiency improvements, enhanced compliance, and increased organizational flexibility and scalability

The Aeries Purpose-Built Model enhances operational and functional control by mirroring client structures and using dedicated resources, ensuring seamless expansion and adaptability to business needs.

The Aeries Purpose-Built Model is adaptable to various industries, supporting global expansion with dedicated delivery centers tailored to the specific requirements of businesses.

Founded in 2012, Aeries Technology specializes in Business Process Management and Digital Transformation, with over 1600 professionals offering customized solutions for business optimization and transformation

The Aeries Purpose Built Model prioritizes right-fit hiring using best practices, diverse sourcing channels, and efficient screening, involving clients in every step to ensure alignment with their needs.

Adopting the Aeries Purpose-Built Model can lead to significant cost savings, with a guarantee of at least 40% over a 3-year term, and most clients experiencing over 60% savings, thanks to its efficient pricing model and structured cost tracking and control.

The Aeries Model ensures compliance with tax and regulatory requirements by managing tax implications, compliance risks, and addressing transfer pricing challenges, thereby preventing cash outflows and tax disputes for the client. 

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