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Discover the Power of Strategic Outsourcing with Aeries' Purpose-Built Model

Private Equity and Portfolio Company operations often involve navigating complex challenges, particularly during carveouts, tuck-ins, or acquisitions. Aeries understands the substantial stress and intricacies these events entail, given the constant push for growth, affordability, and increased profits. Consequently, more firms are turning to strategic outsourcing, making external partners integral parts of their operations.

The key lies in choosing the right outsourcing model, a task that can be overwhelming. With its innovative Purpose-Built Model, Aeries combines the best of both captive and vendor models, offering unmatched strategic benefits. Functioning as a robust Center of Excellence, it extends organizational capabilities, mirroring in-house teams in efficiency and integration. This white paper elaborates on its cornerstone features:

  • Expert talent acquisition & management
  • Human resource excellence
  • Operational sovereignty
  • Agile scalability
  • Cultural & brand harmony
  • Structured engagement & oversight
  • Tax & compliance mastery

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