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ERP Software Solutions – Maintenance, Support, and Application Example

ERP transition application maintenance and support case study

Key Highlights

24/7 Model

ERP transitioned to India - caters to USA, EMEA, APAC

Value Add

Optimized processes through automation


Cost Savings realized

For many companies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a critical element of their success. As systems that can plan and manage all core supply chain, services, financial and other business processes, ERP helps in increasing productivity, reducing costs, streamlining processes, improving customer satisfaction and reducing risks involved in business operations. These systems play a crucial role in business application solutions and ERP implementation strategies.

Business Challenges:

The client is a private company that provides global ecommerce, payments and marketing services. For managing and tracking all its business processes, the client was currently using multiple disparate systems and wanted to replace them with a single ERP system to improve efficiencies and working practices.

The single integrated ERP business application system needed to be robust and scalable to take care of the volumes of transaction that the client business was performing, namely:

  • Seamless maintenance of transactions amounting to $20 Billion across the globe in multiple currencies.
  • Zero defects in terms of risk and labor, tax collection and foreign currency reconciliation.
  • Ensure and maintain data/ analytical reports for 15 Mn physical product shipments per year.
  • Efficient to process and analyze their sales orders numbering 50 million.

The client was looking for a partner who would help them with all the above requirements and in addition, also help with the application, maintenance and support of the new ERP.

Aeries’ Solution:

Aeries understood the challenges faced by the client and taking on the ERP transition task, Aeries proposed a unique structure wherein the entire ERP Application, Maintenance and Support teams would be based out of Aeries delivery center.

  • In 5 months, Aeries set up the SAP ERP functions across all Core Modules and took over the operations from the existing inhouse team which had around 8-10 years’ experience with client business.
  • Aeries also provided production support application, maintenance, quality assurance, enhancements, upgrades and system refresh / copy.
  • The team followed a 24/7 model to cater to US, EMEA and APAC regions.
  • Aeries conducted a diagnostic assessment to understand gaps in existing accounting practice and systems and made changes as per the new requirements.
  • Aeries not only supported SAP Solutions but has also been associated in providing innovative solutions that have helped transform business processes with BPM Solutions.
  • Aeries managed all upgrades, migration, etc. through in-house Aeries team, thereby saving the client further costs.

Business Impact:

  • Aeries Technology Operations provided 70% cost savings not just through offshore outsourcing ERP software support but optimizing processes across diverse functions through process automation technology.
  • Aeries helped the client stabilize their business process with increased efficiency & intuitive design.
  • Integrated processes across business functions provided full information transparency.
  • Timely implementation of new pronouncements ensured correct reporting and smooth audit.
  • Aeries support in ERP and process automation benefited in Customer Retention plus adding new Customers.
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