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Daily wire and checks process automation case study

Process Automation Services to Optimize Daily Cash Summary

Key Highlights Challenge Manual reconciliation of checks for daily cash summary Solution Automation using UiPath that could read multiple data formats from multiple sources 800 manhours Saved per year due to automation Automation reduces time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, giving the business more time to focus on primary objectives. The efficient use

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Distributed ledger enabled digital token-based lending using smart contracts case study

Creating Blockchain Solution with Distributed Ledger Technology

Key Highlights Challenge Creation of money transfer solution using distributed trust platform Solution Blockchain based secure and transparent transactions with immutable audit trail Result Peer-to-peer money transfer solution on a mobile app launched Distributed ledger technology can make the finance sector more resilient, efficient, and reliable. The technology can be used to process transactions without

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Acquisition support for healthcare solutions business case study

Offering Expert Acquisition Due Diligence Consulting in Healthcare Industry

Key Highlights Challenge Due diligence of financials and business processes of potential acquiree Solution Due diligence & Gap Analysis report shared in 4-6 weeks Result Informed decision on acquisition and seamless co-ordination between stakeholders A lot of planning and preparation goes into making acquisitions and carve-outs work. Due diligence is an important part of the

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Account management platform case study

Unified Account Management Solutions for Efficient Sales Operations

Key Highlights Challenge Platform to aggregate information from multiple disparate systems to improve renewal funnel Result Time spent on account research reduced from 30 mins to few seconds 98% Account Managers found the tool valuable Account management software is an important tool for businesses that manage sales processes across multiple divisions, locations and touch points.

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Compliance and data privacy set up legal and compliance case study

Ensure Data Privacy with CCPA, GDPR Compliance Solution

Key Highlights Challenge Help to implement a robust regulatory compliance program Solution Established data protection framework compliant to Privacy Shield, GDPR and CCPA Result Helped client be compliant to statutory requirements, export laws The set-up of a Legal Compliance function reduces risk in the business by facilitating the right actions and clear understanding of existing

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Transition from managed services to Aeries dedicated delivery model case study

Transition to Aeries’ Purpose-Built Model for Renewal Management

Key Highlights What we did Set up a 40 member dedicated, multi-lingual tech renewals team 75% Increase in renewal rates with cost savings of 37% $19 Million Tech refresh upgrades booked Companies count on renewal sales for predictable recurring revenue, which is extremely important for the stability of a business. In addition, because you are

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