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Ultimate Guide: How to Maximize your portfolio companies' growth, profit & efficiency

Learn how Leading Private Equity firms and their PortCos use Aeries to overcome challenges related to talent, operations, technology and value creation.

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  • The mainstream traditional outsourcing models v/s Aeries disruptive ‘Purpose-Built’ model
  • The Aeries Advantage – Significant results achieved – Cost Savings | NPS | Governance Framework | Tax and compliance & more

What's included in our ultimate guide

Up to 75% Lower Cost of Operations

Our economies of scale allow us to operate far cheaper than a captive international subsidiary or native US based model.

Flexible & Adaptive with Your Business

Ability to scale up or scale down resources quickly, turning your plans into action.

Retain Operational Control

We are an extension of your organizational chart, with direct management control of operations by your department heads.

Quality & Performance

Our training, talent scouting, and operations means we operate at the standards you’d expect from a captive subsidiary.

Retain Your Culture & Branding

We take efforts in making this workplace a true extension of your company, not an anonymous back office.

Management Bandwidth & Oversight

Operational oversight from our management & leadership teams, similar to your HQ operations.

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