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Aeries Technology

Dr. Jai Vishwakarma

The Role of AI in Elevating Customer Service: Automated Chatbots and Empowered Support Engineers

Introduction The journey of technology in customer service has evolved from the early days of telephone-based support to sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. While these technologies enhanced operational efficiency, they often failed to provide the personalized interactions that today’s customers demand. In the current competitive business landscape, where exceptional and personalized customer service is

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Transforming Tech: How AI-Enabled
Software Engineering Process Accelerates Speed, Quality and Cost Reduction

Introduction As we explore the convergence of AI and software engineering and ponder over questions like “Will AI take over software engineering?”, we recognize the significant advantages that the convergence of AI and software engineering provides to medium-scale enterprises owned by Private Equity (PE) firms, particularly those generating annual revenues in the range of $100

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