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Aeries Achieves an Industry-Leading Net Promoter Score Of 93, Reflecting Customer Confidence And Trust.

Aeries achieves net promoter score of 93

With this year’s NPS score, Aeries cements itself as the leader in the Private Equity and Portfolio companies’ services space, twice in a row.

Aeries Achieves

17th February 2022: Aeries, a leading provider of Technology, Digital Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced that it has obtained a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93, amongst the highest in the IT technology services industry.  Based on a 2021 survey taken by clients who utilize Aeries’ services, this score highlights the company’s strong commitment towards providing excellent business expertise, quality delivery and world-class client experience.

The Net Promoter Score is a widely used and proven metric that measures overall client experience and loyalty. The score is based on a 200-point scale ranging from -100 to 100, and is a measure of client loyalty based on the willingness to recommend a company’s products or services to a friend or colleague. By achieving an NPS score of 93 with 0% detractors, Aeries has outperformed the industry, where the median score stands at 40, and a score above 50 is considered excellent. (Source)

“We thank our clients for the strong trust they place on Aeries; and are delighted that they value the relationship with us. We take pride in our employee and client-centric culture, and our high score is consistent with Aeries’ objective of enabling business client to optimize their operations and improve productivity.”, said Ajay Khare, Chief Operating Officer – US & CRO of Aeries.

A positive NPS score is a strong predictor of future business outlook, and Aeries, with its commitment to innovation, best-in-class performance, and overall client experience is well set on its path to exponential business growth. Aeries has successfully sustained and built enduring relationships with its client, which is the cornerstone of our long-term business vision.

About Aeries

Aeries enables organizations to effectively manage their technology and business operation requirements for growth and business expansion through customized industry-agnostic solutions. We help mid-market companies and fast-growing start-ups to manage their technology, transformation and business process management requirements through varied partnership-based engagement models suited to their needs. With skilled dedicated resources, flexibility and leadership support, we empower organizations to be flexible, competitive and nimble to achieve their goals of enduring cost efficiencies, operational excellence and value creation in today’s fast-paced environment.