ATG’s Technology Services

Our specialized capabilities with cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data/Business Intelligence Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Account-based Marketing for expert competitive analysis, the latest Sales Enablement strategies/tools, and Software Product Engineering enable global organizations achieve business objectives at an accelerated pace. ATG offers both consultancy services and implementation capabilities for these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

We help you build scalable and cost-effective digital solutions such as Natural Language Processing, fraud detection, user behavior analytics, decision management, and account-based marketing/competitive analysis, all the while decreasing costs and increasing revenue.

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Big Data/Business
Intelligence Analytics

ATG utilizes the latest technologies and the sharpest talent to prepare, model, and present data in a manner that is useful to you. We help you arrive at strategic decisions and actionable insights from the voluminous amounts of data.

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Blockchain Technology &

ATG has expertise across several blockchain frameworks, to help you test and deploy both proof-of-concepts & scaled-up production releases. Get benefits such as improved accuracy and security of data.

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Enterprise Resource

ATG has years of experience in ERP implementation, testing and migration. This helps you get improved decision making, workflow, cost control, streamlining of operations and operational efficiency.

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IT Solutions
and Services

ATG has proficiency and proven practices on understanding our clients’ business requirements and translating them into optimized, reliable and scalable IT solutions, along the entire IT life cycle.

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Product Engineering

ATG brings diverse vertical domain experience with technology competencies (AI, ERP, IoT, cloud computing, etc) in New Product Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, R&D and Prototyping.

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