From client engagement to technology implementation to service delivery, our IT Solutions and Services give you access to our proficiency in advanced technologies and proven practices along the entire IT life cycle.

ATG’s IT solutions and services deliver innovative solutions, allowing clients to embrace the technologies that stimulate their companies’ future growth. We build innovative IT infrastructure solution and support services, along with application and security services using both cloud and traditional technologies, combined with collective business, technical and industry expertise. From client engagement to technology implementation to service delivery, we give you access to our proficiency in advanced technologies and proven practices along the entire IT life cycle.

Our Unique business model

Key offerings

ATG provides application maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs. We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies. Our services include pro-active monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of applications.

Business Benefits

  • Improve application stability
  • Migrate and evolve applications more easily
  • Better allocate resources toward business-critical needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Our Services

Support: Level 1

  • Service Desk support
  • Logging tickets with the right severity level and managing ticket lifecycle
  • Incident response
  • Incident resolution

Support: Level 2

  • Production support for applications
  • Break-fix support and deployment
  • Ensure 100% compliance to SLAs for incident response and incident resolution
  • Guaranteed incident resolution for all production issues
  • Update tickets and escalate to next level as required

Support: Level 3

  • Bug analysis, fixes and deployment support
  • Minor enhancements and deployment support
  • Preventative maintenance, fixes and deployment support
  • Provide full support to Level 2 team for all-hands-on-deck production issues
  • Update tickets and escalate to next level as required

Maintenance: Level 4

  • Major enhancements and deployment support
  • System stability improvement through root cause analysis (RCA), fixes and deployment support
  • Provide full support to Level 2 team for all-hands-on-deck production issues
  • Update tickets

Our Remote DBA services offer 24×7 support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2. Our reliable managed services are designed to meet your database administration, maintenance, monitoring, management, development, support, and consulting needs. Our expert database administrators are experienced to solve your DB issues with efficient turnaround times. Our professional remote DBA work comes along with guaranteed response time, high availability, stability and proactive monitoring.

Our suite of DBA related services includes:

  • Backup and recovery review and implementation
  • Database installation, including RAC
  • System Architecture, Design & Implementation
  • Managed Services
  • Security audits
  • Remote DBA Support
  • Performance tuning with a focus on rapid delivery of performance results

ATG’s Infrastructure Management & Support Services is a comprehensive solution that leverages industry best practice tools and solutions. We offer you repeatable, predictable and highly optimized processes to help you meet continuously evolving business needs, while maintaining extremely high levels of optimized IT performance and utilization.

Our end-to-end offering covers configuration/change management, fault management, performance management and security management across a wide spectrum of IT infrastructure, networks, servers, operating systems, databases and select applications.


  • Enhance responsiveness with speedy alignment to the evolving business demands of your internal IT end-user.
  • Reduce IT operational pressures and enhance operational effectiveness by leveraging standard compliant processes (ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, ITIL and GDPR).
  • Support the latest IT infrastructure management technology and tools your business demands
  • Enhance the utility and availability of IT infrastructure by leveraging our domain expertise and competency of subject matter.

Our DevOps services help clients transform their software delivery process and accelerate the product release cycle time, while improving operational efficiency.

Our Services

Our design, development engineering, technology solutions and test and operations services span the entire product development lifecycle to help fuel efficient, fast-paced and sustainable innovation.

ATG’s DevOps services will help you:

  • Transform your business requirements into technical solutions
  • Improve the speed and quality of your software development lifecycle. Automating testing and deployment means faster, repeatable releases
  • Improve operational efficiency – help development and operations teams work more efficiently
  • Choose the right DevOps tools for your environment and your goals
  • Implement continuous delivery and continuous integration environments
  • Best practices for DevOps implementations

Some of our services include:

Helps assess DevOps maturity in your organization, define transformation roadmap, adoption of DevOps tools and processes.

Project Execution
DevOps execution for ongoing software development project.

Devops Center Of Excellence (COE)
As a separate function which institutionalizes the use of right tools & processes into the software development practices.

DevOps Performance
Identify KPIs and get Insights from project execution and reporting, Monitoring DevOps process and tools adherence.

Rapidly Build Cloud-Native
Become a software disruptor with Cloud-Native applications enable by Microservices, API-first design, DevOps & Agile Infrastructure.

Faster Time To Market
Our DevOps and AWS Certified experts will help your teams simplify and automate your software and cloud deployment success.

Keep Current With AWS Platform Services
Which services are right for you? We will advise on how to take advantage of the continuous innovations AWS has to offer

Deployment Automation
Automate deployment cycles to reduce manual effort, streamline testing, and accelerate development.

Configuration Management
Our scripts optimize your cloud architecture for rapid scaling, instant failover, and security automation.

Release Management
We simplify and help standardize CI/CD tools and processes to get releases out fast & eliminate errors.

ATG’s Data Center services can help ensure proper staffing and expertise, integration of new technology solutions, data security, business reporting, 24×7 operations, centralized service desk, and operations management.

Our team will provide you with around-the-clock L1, L2 and L3 service capabilities based on established metrics and your specific needs. ATG’s experienced IT personnel, ITIL standards and Six-Sigma processes can keep every aspect of your data center operations running with optimal efficiency. And that means you’ll have more efficient, reliable access to the important data that feeds your critical business needs.

Our services include:

  • Hosting support
  • Server operations
  • Storage operations
  • Performance monitoring, alerting and management
  • Backup and recovery
  • On-site Facilities Management
  • Relocation services
  • Infrastructure utility services
  • Remote and onsite services

Our network operation center (NOC) solution enables to run a centrally located operations center to closely administer, supervise, monitor and maintain end-to-end networks (LAN, WAN, VoIP, backbone links, cross connects, peering services and Telecom). Our dedicated NOC facility offers a complete range of offerings in the areas of service assurance and service fulfilment (managed services). It provides service-related insights and maps them to business drivers for enhanced optimization and cost benefits.

Our NOC services include:

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • SLA management
  • Network design and architecting
  • Network provisioning
  • Configuration and release management
  • System admin and backup
  • End-user support
  • Security management
  • Application management

IT Security is a hot-button issue for business services, IT infrastructure, and users. Security teams can quickly become flooded with alerts and information regarding vulnerabilities from both known and unknown sources. However, these notifications often lack information regarding its relation to the business which makes it difficult to identify what poses the greatest threat to the organization.

Improve efficiency of your organization’s security operation services by connecting security, IT, application and functional teams allowing them to have a definitive view of the organization’s security posture to respond to and remediate threats faster. Our platform offers security incident response, vulnerability response, and threat intelligence built into comprehensive workflows, orchestration, and automation within a single platform.

Our Security Operation Services Features Include:

  • Intelligent Workflow, orchestration, and system management tools
  • Visual service maps and dashboard analytics to monitor data trends, measure security
  • Risk assessment tools for all virtual and physical assets
  • Automated threat patching, configuration changes, and incident reporting

We deliver expert real-time, health monitoring with smart hand responses and reliable service so customers have the resources they need to meet the demanding business and compliance requirements to maximize infrastructure up times. Our ability to respond to escalated issues promptly and with the appropriate skillset is what puts us above the competition.

We provide you with a continuous snapshot of your Technical operations 24×7 always. It also gives us a 360-degree view of your entire service model at all times, which helps us analyze symptoms and anticipate potential issues before they occur, streamlining your overall IT service and informing solutions for improvement.

Our support offerings include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Public and Private Hosting support
  • Advanced Cloud Services
  • Security support Offerings
  • Safe, Cost-Effective and Efficient Communications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Network Security/Environments
  • Monitored Network Infrastructure
    • 24/7 Managed: Firewalls, Routers, Intrusion Detection, AVPN
  • Managed Systems Security
    • Patch Management, Multi-Stage Authentication, ADFS
  • Full Lifecycle Management:
      • Device Provisioning & Implementation
      • Upgrade & Patch Device Management
    • Performance & Availability Management
    • Expert Real-Time Security and Health Monitoring & Responses
    • Intelligent & Enhanced Threat Protection
    • Backup & Recovery
    • On-Demand Security & Compliance Reporting
ATG’s SAP ERP Implementation Services

Given the crucial role that IT fulfils in the modern day corporate environment, it can take only a single major mishap to make everything grind to a halt. No matter how efficient and productive your company is, once your IT infrastructure is compromised, your day-to-day operations will be severely affected.

The typical IT infrastructure relies on a carefully orchestrated system comprised of highly specialized hardware and software, all working together in harmony to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

ATG can design and implement IT infrastructure that will ensure the stability and reliability of your IT systems in the future.

Whatever you need, we’ll find the best IT solutions for you!

Our team is highly trained to provide you IT infrastructure design and implementation service that includes:

  • Network design (wired and wireless)
  • Cabling
  • Servers and Workstations setup
  • Server virtualization
  • Network maintenance plan
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Data backup and restore
  • Email messaging service setup (on-site and cloud)

Technology projects come in a variety of sizes with varying levels of complexity. ATG provides you with the project planning, implementation oversight, project management & support that best suits your needs. Our highly skilled technical experts work with you to handle the entire project or complement your in-house IT department for project success. Our technical experts have direct experience in all manner of technology projects, from small to large, such as:

  • Primary Business Relocation
  • Service Provider Change (Data, Voice, Wireless)
  • Migrations to Cloud Services (Office365, Google Docs)
  • Exchange Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • SharePoint Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • Active Directory and user profile migrations
  • Application & Web Development
  • Data Management
  • Compliance Audits (HIPAA, SAM, etc.)
  • Workstation & Server – Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Network, WIFI & Firewall Upgrades

ATG’s pool of certified Security Consultants have successfully helped enterprises to pinpoint the strategies that will result ensuring a secure IT and business environment. The team adopts industry recognized Best Practice frameworks, ensuring that projects are always delivered on time and meeting business objectives.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Information & cyber security programs
    • Risk assessments
    • Security program implementation
    • Security program maintenance
  • Application security
    • Pre-deployment
    • Post-deployment
  • Physical security

We provide a unique value to our customers in building, implementing and customizing ITIL good practices for our internal and external service delivery.

Our assessment does not only focus on the identification of existing problems and opportunities for process improvement, but also on providing our customers with insight on how their current toolset, or a subsequent tool implementation, can support a roadmap for process improvement and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Approach to ITIL Maturity Assessment consists of:

Project Initiation

  • Project initiation teleconference to review scope and key project objectives, identification of participants, confirmation of schedule and logistics, and documentation requests.
  • Review and analysis of existing IT Operations documentation (policies, process documentation, procedures, standard operating procedures, organization charts, reports/metrics, etc)
  • Distribution of advanced self-assessment questionnaire to be worked on by IT staff leadership

ITIL Assessment

  • Walkthrough of operations and interview sessions with IT leadership, staff, and stakeholders to gain an impression of the current status (baseline) of IT Operations including:
    1. Organizational structure
    2. Operational policies, processes, and procedures
    3. Problems & opportunities
  • Analysis of interview findings and informal presentation and discussion of findings with the project stakeholders

Assessment Summary Reports

Development of a detailed report of the state of IT as related to ITIL good practices, providing:
  1. Baseline summary of findings
  2. Identification and analysis of problems and opportunities for improvement
  3. A detailed roadmap for process initiatives; short, mid and long term
  4. Presentation (onsite) to project stakeholders of recommended next steps

Good documentation practice constitutes a necessary part of the Quality Assurance system. Clearly written standard operating procedures (SOPs) avoid errors of oral communication and ensure tractability of history of changes. The SOPs are expected to cover all functions and need to structure in a comprehensive language the details of the necessary steps, the decisions to make and the possible outcomes.

Our SOP and system implementation services include:

  • SOPs development, review, update and implementation according to business needs
  • Flexible design and calibration of procedures to implement in application the theoretical know-how background of business partner’s resources
  • Assistance with routine and ad hoc regulatory authority requests and interactions
  • Periodic compliance review
  • Provision of a comprehensive Quality Management system

Utilizing technologies from VMware, Microsoft, AWS and other leading vendors, we can help your company save money and increase productivity by virtualizing servers and leveraging our powerful Data Center services. Here are examples of some of the offerings we can provide to your company:

  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Backup
  • Hosted Software
  • On-site Server Virtualization
ATG’s SAP ERP Implementation Services

Led by our rich expertise and strong quality process, ATG has successfully completed Infrastructure migration for many of our clients. Our services range from migration of infrastructure technologies, to migration of data centers, to migration to cloud.

Our Transition services include transition of infrastructure technologies and transition of service operations.

ATG Mode-2 Services includes transformation of legacy infrastructure to software defined infrastructure, modernization of data centers, and consolidation and optimization of infrastructure.

ATG’s SAP ERP Implementation Services

Our technical proficiencies

Datacenter Infrastructure Management | Global IT Infrastructure | NOC | SOC & TOC | Web Hosting | e-Commerce Solutions | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Systems Integration | Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) | Virtualization | AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Linux | Unix | OSx | Windows XP | Vista 7 & 10. Apple IOS | Android & Microsoft WPOS.

Cisco Call Manager (VoIP PBX) | Unity | Contact Center (Call Center) | Wireless Access Points | ISDN/Cable/ADSL modems | Firewalls | VPN devices | VoIP equipment | Mux | Switches (Layers 2-7) | UTM Devices | NAC devices | Global Link & Application Load balancer.

Apache Web Server | PHP | Sendmail | Qmail | Samba | Squid | OpenNMS | Nagios | Zabbix | DMS | Microsoft Exchange | Citrix | IIS | Microsoft Office | Open Office | Anti-Virus | CA Service Desk | Freshdesk | Zendesk | Heat | BMC Remedy | Service Now | Office365 | SharePoint | Microsoft Active Directory | Microsoft Dynamics | Navision and OpenLDAP.

MySQL | PostgreSQL | SyBase | DB2 | MS SQL Server | Oracle

VMware | Citrix | HyperV | Ovirt Virtualization | Dell | Hitachi | EMC NAS/SAN.

GitHub | Docker | Jenkins | Monit | Nagios | Zabbix | Solarwinds | ManageEngine.

Our technical proficiencies

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