IT Operations Analytics

In a world which demands quicker decisions and faster action. One’s ability to arrive at data driven decision coupled with relevant historic wisdom becomes a key to success for every organization.

However, when we contextualize to IT operations, we see IT systems are constantly generating vast quantities of data. Buried within it all is the insight you need to improve efficiency, identify problems, enhance performance and make better decisions, but how can you extract the critical insight from all the noise.

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) automates the monitoring of systems to gather important data for analysis, allowing one to understand and predict potential issues. It provides easy search and real-time visualization tools that let one to get to grips with the picture at macro and micro-levels. By automating the correlation of data sources,


What is ITOA?

In short ITOA is combination of ITSM coupled with bigdata capability to improve & enhance operational efficiency


ITOA makes analysis faster more straightforward and isolation of root causes quicker. Besides the incident trend analysis and performance reporting that has already been going on, In-depth analytics of the IT operations that could be explored include:

  • Service impact analysis- after a new service has been introduced or a change has been affected.
  • Correlating service desk contact methods to incident type and understand how best to encourage and increase self-service adoption
  • Demand management and patterns of business activities – pick time for resource availability and maximization.
  • Customer relation management: can analyze based on individual or departmental levels
  • Root cause analysis- quick identification of problem source and restoration of services
  • Knowledge management on task resolution- in case of similar request, suggest possible solutions, while improving the IT knowledge base and self-help facility, and consequently reducing service desk workload.
  • Service portfolio and catalogue management- the new services to introduce and the services to retire
  • Security auditing and maturity assessment on policies and procedures
  • Roles and skills matching by identifying training areas required for technical expertise.
  • Understanding how the IT ecosystem works to identify which service level targets can’t be (consistently) met, or conversely those that can never fail and are as such useless as targets.
  • Using predictive analysis in understanding the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.
  • Using ITSM data from various tool modules to create a real-world service taxonomy. This could be as part of a larger service portfolio management initiative.

How is it done?

The data points from various elements of IT operations in various forms like structured unstructured are collated and correlation algorithms are run based on the requirements and intelligence needed. The data visualization tools further represent the intelligence in predefined format and graphs.

In short IT operation analytics when implemented properly can be single source of truth for all the IT operations related facts, incidents, problems, capacity planning predictive analysis and self-healing ca pabilities.

Global Overview And Market

Global IT Operations Analytics Market: Overview


IT operations analytics (ITOA) is an emerging technology used by several enterprises to understand complicated patterns. The systems are designed to scour humungous amount of data using mathematical algorithms and other extraction mechanisms to retrieve meaningful information. The tool used by end users in the global ITOA market are machine-based learning, visual analytics, user-behavior analytics, predictive analytics, and root-cause analytics.

Global IT Operations Analytics Market: Key Trends

The mushrooming IT industry in various parts of the world has been the driving force behind the success of the global IT operations analytics market. Today, IT is an integral part of every business operation, which has led to generation of copious amount of data. This data requires a systematic approach to retrieve, analyze, and report the various ongoing trends in a given industry. Application of ITOA in a wide range of areas has resulted in reduction of operational costs of companies and improved revenue.

The various end users of ITOA are healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, BFSI, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, IT and telecommunication, government, and others. Analysts expect that the BFSI will lead the pack in the coming years as the industry will use these solutions to improve their IT operations and transform their businesses through digitization. For instance, facilities such as mobile banking is expected to offer several remunerative opportunities to the overall market in the BFSI sector.

Global IT Operations Analytics Market: Market Potential

The growing adoption of IT solutions across the world and the strengthening IT industry have offered the global market several growth opportunities. The market potential of the global market is being honed by innovative approaches taken by companies and investments made by them in delivering better solutions. To stay ahead of the game, companies are focusing on mergers and acquisitions as well.

Global IT Operations Analytics Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global IT operations analytics market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Of these, North America will be the predominant player in the market. The regional market will be driven by rising IT operational data and soaring demand for advanced ITOA solutions.

Adoption of IoT in various spheres and increasing penetration of social media are expected to bolster the demand for IOTA over the forecast period.

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