Blockchain Technology & Integration

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Our blockchain capabilities, put to use for your business

At ATG, we can help you test and deploy proof-of-concepts on blockchain technologies and incrementally expand to scale to production releases. We optimize different business cases with blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailor-made solution to suit specific requirements. Our team is skilled in several frameworks such as Ethereum and HyperLedger.

We offer


  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Use case identification
  • Revamp Business Models

Functioning support

  • Integration with operations
  • Performance testing and scalability
  • Data Security

Research activities

  • Blockchain Technology Research
  • PoC and Pilot Projects
Our blockchain capabilities, put to use for your business

Our Blockchain / DLT offerings

Blockchain Capabilities

POC Development

We build extensive mock-ups to test ideas in real business scenarios to identify gaps and test functionalities of the project.

Private Blockchain Development

We build and implement a private, permissioned blockchain tailored to your specific business requirements by utilizing cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger.

Smart Contract Development

We build a secure and capable Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric.

Cryptocurrency Development

We develop and deploy a customized platform to build custom cryptocurrency that can be utilized for your cryptocurrency-based projects.

Developing Blockchain-based Applications

We help you leverage the power of the blockchain for special applications such as wallets, exchanges, loan platforms and more.

Architecture Planning for Blockchain based software

We plan the architecture and choose the software solution best suited for your blockchain-based software.

Smart Contract Audit

Every smart contract requires a review – an audit. Our team will get your smart contract codes behave the way it is intended to.

Our Key Implementations

Smart Contracts:
Smart Contracts based system for lending
Distributed Ledgers:
Distributed Ledger technology with Smart Contracts
Token Development:
Custom Ethereum/token wallet development services used to store tokens.

Blockchain Case Study

ATG helps implement Distributed Ledger enabled Digital Tokens using Smart Contracts for an Indian fintech company on its lending platform.

  • The Distributed Ledger Technology allows the platform to record transactions in a secure and transparent manner by creating an immutable audit trail.
  • The platform has been designed to function as a shared infrastructure across customers, multiple external stakeholders, including regulators, credit bureaus and potentially other parties interested in participating in the distributed infrastructure
  • Smart Contract based Distributed Ledger records all lending transactions in an open and transparent manner, thus allowing the fintech company and the borrower to execute a trusted lending transaction that is transparent and tamper proof.
  • The key innovation also involves tokenising the loan amounts borrowed by the customers into Smart Contract Digital Tokens which are stored on the Ledger and accessible by the customer in the app.
  • All transactions are securely and accurately stored on the distributed ledger using advanced cryptography and can be accessed only by password protected crypto keys.

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