Re-Imagine Processes with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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How Our RPA Solutions Help You

RPA solutions from Aeries drive your enterprise automation by designing and optimizing your processes with BOTS. We enable a smarter workforce and enterprise-wide digital transformation capabilities for long term success. Our Cognitive RPA solutions drive synergy between Artificial Intelligence Ops and Intelligent automation, handling automated decisions, and making judgment calls.


Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Quicker processing lead to higher efficiencies through automation and lesser human intervention.

Gain Cost Savings

Automation of Manual processes lowers operating costs, saves money and improves bottom line.

Quality Automation

End-to-end quality RPA automation and QA strategies with streamlined processes in a holistic manner.

Use Case Domains

We have proven RPA success in multiple domains across Industries

Our team of certified RPA experts helps identify optimal use cases customized to your organization that deliver high value and ROI and define an RPA Success roadmap

Our Approach


Strategizing potential for RPA as a business optimizer and building an automation pipeline.


Implementing and optimizing processes using RPA and driving process optimization through automation as Centre of Excellence (COE).


Evaluating feasibility and value proposition of RPA via Proof of Concept, using low hanging fruits to simplify decision making.


Continuous governance and value monitoring to analyze the costs and benefits of RPA and ensure optimized ROI and ongoing value-add.



Success Stories

The process made 15x faster


An integrated security solutions provider uses RPA for a faster and efficient renewals process, by using bots to replicate human tasks involved in distributor renewals.


800 manhours saved per year

A leading domain name registration and web development company uses bots to extract data and automate the reconciliation of checks with bank statements.


60% of total invoice volume automated

A mid-sized technology e-commerce company uses RPA to automate the accounts payable process including downloading the invoices, registering the invoices into ERP and matching the invoices with the PO.

Start your RPA Journey with a free evaluation from Aeries