Transformation Solutions to Accelerate your Business Strategy

At Aeries, our transformation teams are constantly working on solutions that leverage technology to enhance business processes and performance. We help our clients navigate their transformation journey to more efficient and accurate solutions, which maximizes value and positions them with a significant competitive edge in the market.

Aeries’s Operational Excellence & Transformation Services act as a layer over its core outsourcing team which is embedded into client functions. Interfacing with the core team and client dedicated team, Aeries Transformation team examines and works on opportunities for potential cost savings and productivity improvements through business process re-engineering consulting and technologically advanced solutions.


Aeries Transformation Capabilities

Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation & Re-engineering
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Data Sciences & Analytics

Data Science driven Business Intelligence
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NextGen Infrastructure

Cloud Enablement & Shift Left Operations

Emerging Technologies

Blockchain, Advanced AI, Augmented Reality, Sensing and Mobility

Strategic Partnerships

Corporate Transformations for Revenue Expansion and Business Strategy

Aeries Transformation Maturity Curve

Our engagement maturity curve enables our clients to climb the ladder to business excellence in a phased manner.



Through the initial discovery phase, we absorb client’s existing processes, while understanding the current challenges faced along with potential improvements in process mapping, baseline documentation, reporting and ‘on the fly’ optimizations.


During the optimize phase, the focus is on improving efficiency through process improvements, productivity mapping, capacity optimization, knowledge lifecycle management and custom solutions development, using a project driven approach to optimization.


The Transformation phase utilizes technology to help our clients get a competitive edge. Be it through RPA, Data Science, process re-engineering, building custom solutions or implementing next gen technologies, we help our clients along their journey to operational excellence.

Our Customer Stories on Transformation

Through our transformation framework, we have helped our clients solve some of their most complex needs when it comes to using transformation solutions to improve efficiency and quality.


An integrated security solutions provider uses RPA for a faster and efficient renewals process, by using bots to replicate human tasks involved in distributor renewals.


A leading domain name registration and web development company uses bots to extract data and automate the reconciliation of checks with bank statements.


A global technology company experiences higher efficiency, scalability, and cost savings through a white labelled tax compliance platform customized to its needs.

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