I really enjoy working with the ATG team. They are very responsive and a great problem solver. They have helped me out on several occasions and has really taken initiative to get things resolved as quickly as possible.

Rob Gerlach
Senior Director, Professional Services, - Digital River

We want to recognize and send a big thank you for the great work the India team has been providing over the past month. By completing as many Service requests, the team has been finishing, not only have you helped lighten the overall workload of swing shift on a nightly basis but you also put our first shift in a great spot to begin their day. It reduces the pressure on the early morning team and allows them to take up new requests coming into the queue. Keep up the great work and thank you again.

Kevin Spitz
Supervisor, - Epiq Systems, Processing Services

I wanted to share with you what an outstanding job your team has done keeping the DM75 migrations moving virtually 24/7. This has been a big ask, but it’s gone nearly flawlessly. This would not have moved so successfully thus far without the efforts of the dedicated staff there. We very much appreciate this impactful work.

Burke Schroeder
Director, EMS Operations, - Epiq Systems, eDiscovery Managed Services

ATG helps us find and manage professional and reliable India based talent. Depending on our needs, we can fully or partially manage the teams or individuals. ATG helps navigate the regional legal and cultural differences, and is an excellent extension of our HR resources

Marc Sacoolas
Director, - IT Strategy at Pulse Secure

I wanted to share some feedback that came up in our Product Development All Hands meeting this morning. Upper management for Product Development praised the ATG ETS team today and mentioned your group as an example of a successful integration of one of the ATG teams into EPIQ . It was very comforting to hear top level managers talk about the ATG ETS team integration in that way and I attribute the success to this team. You guys are doing a great job of meeting commitments, staying on track, dealing with impediments and delivering good work. I’m excited to see exactly where we can take this because I belie ve we have only just begun. With your mindset of continuous improvement, high productivity and growth, I’m confident things are going to get better and better. We will really knock their socks off!

Please keep up the good work and share the feedback with the team. Please let them know that they received praise today which shows management has recognized the good work the you are doing. I look forward to taking our partnership to the next level in 2018.

Derrick Vidacak
Product Development Manager, ETS, - Epiq Systems

ATG is an integral partner of Epiq and has played an instrumental role in enabling DTI’s global sourcing strategy. ATG began eDiscovery operations in 2012 for Applied Disco very Inc., which was later acquired by DTI, who recently rebranded as Epiq. Epiq saw the value that ATG brought as both a cost efficient and high performance outsource partner and decided to expand the India footprint further by outsourcing more of its operational and support functions. These included eDiscovery Data Services, Data Engineering, Software Development, Corporate and Operational IT Support, Network and Security operations, and Finance Shared services. ATG has supported Epiq through its multiple acquisitions and mergers, by (a) taking on new functions and products, (b) helping with the integration of new companies by extracting the best practices from each new entity into a centralized integrated offshore team (c) assisting with the propagation of updated best practices across Epiq, and (d) by helping Epiq merge an acquired India based entity into ATG.

Most recently, Epiq expanded its partnership with ATG by setting up a strategic joint venture to deliver Managed Attorney Review services out of its India operations, both for Epiq existing and upcoming business, as well a s to explore new business opportunities in India and the regional market.

We look forward to a continued fruitful partnership with our friends at ATG.

Kevin Jacobs
Vice President , - Epiq Systems

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