Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Generating Business Impact with AI-powered solutions

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Our AI Capabilities to Your Advantage

Aeries’s AI services and ML solutions help drive competitive advantage and generate positive outcomes for your business. We design and develop AI-powered mobile applications, AI-specific solutions, and intelligent data, in an effort to help you build highly scalable and cost-effective digital products & solutions and reduce labor & infrastructure costs significantly. We have the expertise and ability to strategize and execute artificial intelligence services, integrated with cognitive technology to support your legacy business applications and provide a full spectrum of services including User Behaviour Analytics, Advanced Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, NLP, Deep Learning, and more.


How we do it


We analyze and understand data that includes images, audio, video and unstructured text.


Our problem-solving methods involve suitable planning, reasoning, inference and simulations to get desired results.


We utilize machine learning processes for improving subject-matter expertise and meeting the objectives of your applications and system.


Beneficial for developing next-generation interfaces like chatbots that can interact with end users.

Accelerate Business Transformation with our AI Services

Aeries’s expertise helps you leverage AI opportunities positioned between systems of record and systems of engagement.

Process Automation

Achieve operational efficiency by leveraging cognitive technology with faster and accurate decisions.

Knowledge Based System

Mine vast amounts of data to produce quality leads, optimize workforce & grow your business in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence

We see artificial intelligence evolving from the existing systems to tomorrow’s systems which will think, learn and adapt.

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Internet of Things (IoT) deployment for cost savings, efficient business processes, new income streams and superior customer experience.

Aeries’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our offerings include advanced AI services equipped with high-end technologies and competent engineering techniques comparable to those of the leading companies in the field. Our managed Artificial Intelligence services and Machine Learning Solutions encompass fraud detection, automatic patching and backup. We work across multiple teams to build rich enterprise-grade AI applications.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Fraud Detection

User Behaviour Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics

Decision Management

Knowledge Virtualization

Aeries’s Domain Expertise

With our strong understanding of AI & ML, we develop solutions with capabilities for numerous business verticals including legal, finance, security, and fintech. Our AI consulting expertise adds a layer of intelligence to the system, in an effort to handle multifaceted analytical tasks faster than a human can.

Aeries’s AI consulting and machine learning solutions will empower you to obtain:

  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Significant Cost-savings
  • Improved Productivity, Reliability and Efficiency
  •  Deeper Insights into Customer Data
  • Enhanced Customer Service Experience

AI Case Study

Client – CASHe

Artificial Intelligence system for Fintech industry

Our client, a leading fintech company in the financial services sector wanted to implement artificial intelligence functionality into their lending platform that could provide answers to evaluate a loan applicant’s credibility before requesting for a loan. We developed an AI enabled system which uses a combination of big data analytics, machine learning and complex algorithms to evaluate traditional inputs and the user’s digital footprint to measure their credit worthiness. The solution developed is forward looking in nature as it measures a borrower’s propensity to repay based on the currently available information, as opposed to traditional credit scoring systems which deliver a score based only on historical financial behaviour. An individual with no history in the Indian financial system, but whom our AI platform determines whether he has a reasonable propensity to repay the loan and also if he can avail future loans from the company.

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Find out more about this service