Driving Higher Value for Private Equity Firms & Investors

ATG has several years of experience acting as strategic partners with private equity firms. We have fine-tuned our model to meet the unique requirements of this dynamic & ever-growing industry.

How we help PE firms

With cost-efficient labor, overseen by our experienced senior executive team, we transition your in-house expertise to our dedicated delivery centers seamlessly, without sacrificing quality.

From a strategic viewpoint (product roadmaps, organizational structure suggestions, due diligence support) to operational value-add (100-day plans, cost reduction), we help you and your portfolio companies achieve desired targets.

With our quality talent acquisition and skilled management teams, we help you achieve high savings on your most labor-intensive processes, ranging from analysis, to customer support, to global sales.

We incubate advanced technological improvements, that will ensure IT systems are integrated, data is organized, and processes are optimized.

We have the ability to take over existing global subsidiaries/operations, and we provide the option of taking over dedicated delivery centers in line with your requirements.

Operational Improvement & Value Creation Initiatives for PE Firms & Portfolio Companies

ATG partners with PE firms throughout the deal lifecycle.

  • Development of investment thesis
  • Identification of preliminary value creation levers
  • Conducting sessions with management to validate cost savings & operational improvement opportunities
  • Creation of 100-day plan
  • Formal engagement with portfolio companies
  • Implementing “quick win” savings opportunities
  • Continuous interaction with all leadership teams
  • Frequently supporting additional value creation opportunities

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