Our Unique Delivery Model

At ATG, we help companies manage their technology and business operations, by using a unique and flexible Dedicated Delivery Model (DDM).
This model gives you the best of both worlds: a captive-owned facility, with the flexibility of a global vendor, minus the administrative challenges.

Want to know more about the DDM?

DDM Opportunities

The DDM includes a quick ramp-up of your operations, made possible by our economies of scale. This replicates your home/HQ setup and extends your organizational chart, while helping you retain operational control. Thus, it leads to efficient and effective expansion – without the hassles and costs involved with setting up a subsidiary. For you, it’s all business as usual.

Find out how our Dedicated Delivery Model benefits your business

We operate as your extended team, giving you complete visibility on your operations, costs, & overall management.
This team acts as an extension of your organization and evolves as per your business requirements.
We provide senior management support & oversight throughout the engagement, maintaining regular reporting.
Designed for quick transition and ramp-up. We are industry-and-function agnostic, with the ability to expand throughout India, the Middle East, and other markets.
You retain functional control on key aspects such as hiring, performance management, growth & operations of dedicated teams.
The dedicated delivery center is fully aligned with your branding & culture, truly becoming a complete extension.

Advantages of the DDM

ATG’s DDM has distinct benefits over other models of global expansion, other than building captive subsidiaries from the ground-up or using global vendors that provide shared resources for redundant tasks, limiting true value-add.

Up-to 75% Lower Cost of Operations

Our economies of scale allow us to operate far cheaper than a captive international subsidiary or native US-based model.

Lowest Attrition Within the Industry

Best-in-class talent retention practices lead to more satisfied employees, which benefits your business.

Flexible & Adaptive with Your Business

Ability to scale-up or scale-down resources quickly, turning your plans into action.

You Retain Operational Control

We are an extension of your organizational chart, with direct management control of operations by your department heads.

Quality & Performance You Are Accustomed To

Our training, talent scouting, and operations means we operate at the standards you’d expect from a captive subsidiary.

Retain Your Culture & Branding

We take efforts in making this workplace a true extension of your company, not an anonymous back-office.

Management Bandwidth & Oversight

Operational oversight from our management & leadership teams, similar to your HQ-operations.

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