With ATG’s Dedicated Delivery Model (DDM), organizations can extend capabilities in nearshore locations, without worrying about time zone and cultural differences

Our nearshore capabilities enable you to leverage the talent of favorable cost locations closer to your time zone, without the administrative, regulatory and operational overhead – we take care of it for you.

Not just that, with nearshore, you can be assured of a closer cultural fit and much closer real-time communication and collaboration between your in-house and outsourced teams.

The ATG’s DDM works perfectly even in a nearshore set up, enabling you to replicate your base office setup and extend your teams in nearshore locations. You experience all the benefits of the ATG business model, while retaining full control, leading to a more cost-efficient and sustainable way to grow your business. At ATG, we regard you as a partner, not just a vendor, ensuring we work together towards realizing your business objectives.

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ATG capabilities leveraged for Nearshore



Availability and sourcing of top talent, with the right skillsets, as per business needs



Ability to set up branded dedicated office with state of the art, office infra supported by “Work From Home” Model


Strategy & Focus

Working with client to ensure change management and facilitate knowledge sharing, while maintaining common business goals


Best Practices And Methodologies

Adoption and practice of agile methodologies to ensure effective collaboration



Complete visibility into costs, resources and performance



Complete functional control to clients



Ability to scale up or down based on business requirement, with an option to buyback operations on predefined terms

Local Billing

Local Billing

Flexibility of billing in local currency

Global reach

Through our network of in-house resources as well as strong global tie-ups across countries, ATG can offer a truly international service, no matter where you are located. Add to that our central co-ordination, the ATG oversight and steering committee ensures seamless association and top-notch performance across the globe.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Known as the Mexican Silicon Valley, Guadalajara is recognized for the IT development and technology landscape as well as a fast-growing talent pool. ATG can help you outsource your business’ critical operations to Guadalajara with a well set up Operations team supported by the US based core team.

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