Our Engagement Model

Our unique engagement model allows our clients to retain a greater level of control of their business while transferring the operational and financial risks to ATG.

Value Proposition

The benefits that this model provides are:


All of your team-members can and should be treated like your own employees, allowing your organization to implement and reflect your existing branding and organizational culture.


Ensure that the solution is implemented according to your quality and speed.


Achieve a solid return on investment.


The virtual captive model can be as flexible as you want and provide an organization with benefits that correspond to its unique business and legal requirements. ATG, as your partner, plays a pivotal role in setting up and managing the best arrangement to fit your needs.

Engagement Model

Our engagement model also work very effectively in a situation where the client has existing operational presence in any low-cost geography either through a vendor or a subsidary. The conversion into our model is non-disruptive and for the employees and clients, its business as usual.

Benefits for Client

Continued and guaranteed cost savings

24/7 coverage based on functional and business needs.

Below Industry average attrition, high employee satisfaction, find the right career-oriented talent.

Full functional control over resources including their career path, expenditure, budgets etc. The client has complete flexibility in running its operations.

Removal of risks related to potential dispute, litigation and compliance challenges (regulatory changes, potential tax issues, transfer pricing, labor matter etc. ).

As the resources form part of the client organization chart, the arrangement has longevity and runs in line with client’s long-term corporate objectives

For the client, its employees and dedicated resources, it is business-as-usual as part of its larger organization, There is nil/minimal disruption especially during transition

With our deep contacts and extensive network within business houses plus our understanding of the business environment makes us an ideal partner to expand the business in India and the Middle East. Some of our clients are experiencing this benefit as an ancillary but important evolution of the relationship.

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