Every dollar you spend on eDiscovery should bring value to your organization

eDiscovery technology is intuitive, accessible and powerful than ever. ATG offers our expertise in eDiscovery to solve your legal and regulatory issues. We offer a comprehensive, integrated and scalable solutions and services for all phases of eDiscovery to ensure you receive the best consultant for managing your Electronically Stored Information. We combine best in class end-to-end solutions with skilled project managers, attorneys and technology professionals so you stay in control of your data and your budget. We have extensive experience and knowledge of local and international eDiscovery legislation, which ensures we know and follow correct protocols.

What is eDiscovery?

Electronic discovery, eDiscovery, or eDisclosure is the procedure in which sensitive electronic information is procured, secured and analysed for use in civil and criminal proceedings. eDiscovery can be carried out on one solitary device, or an entire network depending on the nature of the case.

How can eDiscovery services help your organization?

ATG is India’s leading eDiscovery services provider. Our services are designed to support your organization through both civil and legal proceedings, by providing evidence to support your case. Our team of eDiscovery professionals are highly-trained experts in sensitive data collection. We help you identify what data sources are relevant, any back-up retention policies in place and if there is any hard copy data that needs to be collected. Our dedicated and trusted specialists and attorneys have consistently aided our clients through the litigation process by combining relevant expertise from various knowledge bases to bring you a high quality and reliable service.

For Corporations

You get a dedicated project management team that works for you and ensures your instructions are followed on each case. Plus, you get the convenience of maintaining control of your data.

For Law Firms

ATG provides the most up-to-date software available for litigation support teams along with predictable costs and experts to help you manage your client’s case.

What we offer on our eDiscovery services

Our Forensic professionals assists clients by identifying, preserving, collecting and processing – for reviewing and/or analysing – sources of electronically stored information (ESI) in accordance with legal guidelines and rules of evidence.

Data Acquisition

  • Physical Disk Imaging
    • Standardized evidence preservation methodology (per international standards)
    • Write Blocker based Imaging
    • External OS Based Disk Imaging
    • Network Based Disk Imaging
  • Logical Disk Imaging
    • Software based specific logical imaging
    • RAM Imaging
  • Mobile Acquisition
    • Forensic Mobile Acquisition (Android, IOS or BlackBerry)
  • Server Imaging
    • Specialized server Disk Imaging
    • Tape Backups Imaging

Once the ESI is collected, it goes through processing and undergoes data culling as per the project and data requirements. ATG uses the most advanced and powerful applications available in eDiscovery market to process and host data in shortest timeframe. The processing platform allows our clients to easily scale up or down according to the specific needs of your project. We provide detailed report of the data at every stage which provides deeper insight into the data processes.

To reduce the hosted data, we perform data culling based on projects/client’s requirements. We perform following data culling procedures:

  • Data Culling
  • De-duplication
  • Content/Text searching & culling

Document Review in the present global scenario has become an indispensable part of Civil litigations, Mergers and Acquisitions. This process requires a significant amount of time,technology and a trained team of attorneys who review large number of documents with accuracy.

This review process involves a huge expenditure of resources and money to the organization. These aspects compel Law Firms and In-house counsel to outsource the legal process of Document Review to companies which can deliver accurate and quality work product while maintaining the confidentiality of their clients.

Document Review is one of the premium services provided by ATG. This task is primarily performed by an experienced team of attorneys who have expertise and have sufficient knowledge about common laws and court procedures.

This is a mandatory process at the discovery stage of civil litigation. Document Review requires the attorneys to assess the entire range of documents and segregate them under various codes and categorize them as Privilege, Responsive or Non-Responsive, Work Product, Hot Documents, etc.

The categorizing is done as per the clients’ requirement. ATG ensures Quality Assurance which is carried out at three different levels to deliver the perfect review process.

Salient features of ATG Document Review Services are:

  • Experienced team of attorneys in document review
  • Efficient quality check system
  • Cost effective
  • Latest technology in use
  • Professional project management for an optimized process

In the world of eDiscovery, users can’t afford to tolerate unreliable networks and inflexible data systems. Time equals money. When instant, reliable access to millions of files is required 24/7, every aspect of eDiscovery network infrastructure must be designed with performance and uptime in mind. Database/web/directory servers, storage, networking, and security / virtualization software must all work in harmony. Storage and search capabilities must be able to process petabytes of data in short time periods – quickly, accurately, and reliably.

ATG provides on-premises and remote support to ensure all eDiscovery applications are providing adequate performance with high uptime.

Our DBAs provide ensure that the health of the databases storing Petabytes of data is always in a good condition. Relativity Technology Team is focussed in ensuring that document review goes smoothly and avoid any instances where Reviewers having tough time with Relativity Performance. Our team of Relativity professionals performs Installation, day-to-day management, running patches, upgrades as in when required. The team also helps review team to optimize searches to save time for reviewers.

Our technical teams possess strong knowledge of backend Infrastructure of all applications. This helps reviewers to focus on document review instead of dealing with Application performance issues.

Why Choose ATG’s eDiscovery Services?

We offer completely scalable technology solutions to immediately meet the needs of your cases – no matter where you are located. Our solutions apply best practices consistently, which helps to reduce risk and ease the burden of managing discovery while delivering efficient results.

We are committed to our clients
We help our clients solve multifaceted discovery challenges. ATG supplements your firm’s in-house staff with our skilled eDiscovery team of professionals and technologists to solve difficult problems. Our clients trust us to come up with intelligent, low-cost and highly functional solutions to meet their unique case, budgetary and timeline restrictions. We are committed to provide you with our professional services and guidance you need to optimize your litigation profile more efficiently to make intelligent choices and informed decisions.

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