Consulting Services to Help Your Business Stay Ahead

ATG’s experience and expertise can help make your next move. We can help you optimize your current processes, advise you on how to leverage the latest technology to transform your business, provide deep local knowledge to help you take an expansion decision, and more.

What sets us apart is that we have the expertise and capability to execute our recommendations. For instance, our Dedicated Delivery Model (DDM) allows you to expand your operations to other markets rapidly and efficiently. Our technology experience lets us advise you on the benefits of AI, as well as implement it for your organization.

ATG’s consulting services are designed to help you get practical, realistic recommendations, made to transform your business and de-risk expansion.

Pre & Post Acquisition

We provide financial and operational due diligence, that makes your acquisition safer, easier and more efficient. We look at cultural and ethical fits for the companies. Our vast experience of working with private equity firms and portfolio companies helps us create effective integration strategies.

Revenue Expansion – South Asia & Middle East

We advise companies on how to grow their businesses by identifying new markets and offerings, with cost-effective delivery. Our data-driven approach helps you focus on growth and recommends an implementable plan of action. Our experience in South Asia & Middle East makes us the ideal partner to help you on this journey.

Marketing and Business Development

After a thorough study of the market and your revenue goals, we help you line out a plan of action covering sales and marketing. We provide a staggered approach to business development to help you score easy wins, while laying the groundwork for long-term success. We recommend marketing channels and messaging unique to the geography and its audience.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Funding Support.

We provide a gamut of M&A advisory: from merger planning and due diligence, to integration & restructuring strategy. In between, we advise you on building capabilities, negotiation, IPO planning, and regulatory compliance.

Management Information

We help you use technology to enhance your business and make processes easier. We study your current position, and draw up an execution roadmap that makes implementation of a new system seamless and effective, with minimal disruption to business as usual. This includes ERP, CRM, retail integration systems and more. With our expertise with technology, we are able to advise you on how the latest technologies can be implemented to help achieve your business goals.

Technical Accounting

We provide accounting services for mergers, IPOs, expansions, operational changes, financing, or regulatory compliance. We are experienced in helping companies manage risk while expanding, and identify potential risks.

Operational Excellence

We cover all aspects of getting you to operational excellence – we first identify the methodology best suited for your organization and goals, and then draw up a plan for implementation. This covers strategy, benchmarking, process management and internal training.

Set-up and Transition Management

Be it a fresh venture, a shake-up or senior exit, our experience can help you navigate change. Our focus is on helping you with stability during this period so that processes, business and employees are not affected.

Process/Workflow Assessment

We identify workflow bottlenecks and help you work on ways to improve process efficiencies. Often, processes are unable to scale with companies. Our experience in working with organizations of all sizes means we help you iron out these processes. This allows your employees to focus their energies on work, rather than be stymied by the process.

Information Security Management System

As companies become increasingly reliant on data and sensitive information, it becomes imperative to put in place standards and policies to help manage it. We help you through the journey and recommend the technologies and standards right for you, following risk assessment analysis.

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