Contract Renewals & Order Management

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Helping you capture more value from renewals

Aeries renewal and subscription optimization capabilities are made to help clients improve service renewal rates, increase net value with existing deals, and expand customer lifetime value. Our expertise in technology and specific skill sets, and adaptable processes help ensure that your customers maintain current & active service contracts. We can help you eliminate the year-end scramble by gaining visibility in the most current information that automatically refreshes when contracts are signed, renewed or terminated. Our contract renewal services help you streamline your renewal process and provide your sales and finance teams with information they need to renew deals automatically and easily by never missing a renewal again.


How Aeries’s contract renewal services help you

  • Easily customize renewal rules using a broad range of criteria by contract dates, serial numbers, product, location, customer, and more
  • Automate pricing based on contract terms and coverage dates
  • Capture all maintenance information at order entry — no downstream reentry needed
  • Automatically create revenue schedules, renewal notices, invoices
  • Deferred revenue automatically posts to the general ledger each month
  • See when a contract is up for renewal — and what was previously negotiated around that contract
  • Create renewals using detailed account information, including multiple bill-to addresses and company hierarchy
  • Automatically incorporate changes to the invoice into all appropriate general ledger accounts
  • Automated upgrade suggestions to service contract line items/bill of materials, to get your sales team thinking about pursuing and closing an upsell/cross-sell opportunity.
  • Easily send pro-forma invoices — early negotiations mean effective upselling
  • Renewals always include current contract terms, including pre-negotiated changes in pricing and discounting
  • Consolidate multiple renewal notices and simplify renewals with automated co-termination
  • Maintain global maintenance contracts for multinational companies with international business units
  • Simplify administration and accounting for multi-element contracts
  • Facilitate complex billing
  • Support compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and FASB guidelines
  • Quickly get data needed for timely renewals and maximize your uptick potential
  • Instantly access detailed historical and future views of deferred and recognized revenue streams
  • Improved insight into renewal revenue: follow new dollars added, churn, and total renewal base
  • Track the status of each renewal as it moves through the process

Find out more about this service