Contract Management Services

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The optimum way to manage your end-to-end contract lifecycle and compliance risks

Aeries understands the importance of increased management services of contracts due to regulatory requirements, risk management, and cost control. We work with clients to enhance visibility, control, and performance. Our contract origination application gives organizations the power to create contracts faster, smarter, and at far less expense. We help organizations effectively develop, negotiate, execute, and manage their contracts with the goals of reducing risk, realizing more revenue, and eliminating duplication and inefficiency.

How we do it

Aeries works with key stakeholders from clients’ legal, sales, procurement, finance, and compliance departments to evaluate their current processes and systems, gather and analyze requirements, and build a contract management services to best fit unique business needs. We help clients organize their current contract environment and implement processes and tools to manage the approach to complete the contract life cycle.

Our Cloud-based contract life cycle management solution brings transparency, helps keep track of all executed contracts with version control, contracts drafting, assists in review and contracts negotiation and allows the ability to integrate with billing and AP processes.


Aeries’s Contract Management Services

We help you create an overall contract governance framework in your organisation by defining its governance, including delegation of authority, policies and procedures around contract management. Developing standard contract templates/ service levels applicable for your organization on par with global standards.

Our Contract Management practice can help you automate your end to end contract management process (including contract compliance management). Our in-depth knowledge and leading practices provides us the unique ability to service complex contract lifecycle management tool implementations and migration of legacy data.

We can support you in the entire contract management process including pre-contract services like contract review and redlining, template review and updation services. Post contract services like management of various contractual obligations (tracking of SLAs, commercial terms, expiries, addendums etc.).

Identify and extracting key contract information from contract which is present in different formats and stored at different locations for reporting and analytics. Evaluating contracts of the target Company to identify inherent risks in the clauses during the deal stage or restructuring activity or for identifying any specific risk based on management’s request.


Find out more about this service