Application Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) And ML (Machine Learning) To Business Problems

These days we all are talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) without knowing much about it. Many in business are also trying to use these to solve their problems without knowing how these can help in their business.

It has become a matter of prestige to talk about them without understanding how AI and ML can help to solve & ease business problems. They have become a dialogue and has become an inherent part of everyone’s life.

However, do you know that gradually every business is trying to introduce AI and ML in their companies so that it runs smoothly?

Why ask, know how it can help.

Reasons Why AI And ML Are Being Used In Solving Business Problems
  • It Addresses The Manual Data Entry
    It is a significant problem for any business to have inaccurate or duplicate records in their system. The algorithm of machine learning identifies the duplication and inaccuracy, and more accurate calculations can be made for any types of inferences.
  • Spam Detection
    It was one of the primary problem solvers. Machines learned to detect spam creating filters, and they can understand what junk is and what is essential. Emails are now more compact and the accounts safer and exchange of data is being done with much confidence with the advent of ML & AI.
  • Medical Intelligence
    It is another feat that Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping the hospital and medical industry. They are being used to improve the health of the patient with minimum cost and saving the time of the sector by data matching and symptoms of the patients. Clinical experts who are aware f the technical, legal and medical obstacles can handle the situation with much efficiently with the help of AI & ML.
  • Value Prediction And Customer Segmentation
    One of the significant achievements of artificial intelligence is predicting the lifetime value of the customer and segmenting the customer accordingly. It helps the business houses to know about the brand loyal customers and their choices and extend personalized marketing offers to generate more sales revenue. More and more business entities are depending on the data mining processes to provide segmented unique selling propositions.
  • Analyzing Finances
    Machine learning can be used to solve the problems of interpreting the financial data that a company has and it along with artificial intelligence minimizes the nuances and anomalies and not only helps to detect frauds but also generates a perfect economic situation of the business. It also helps the company to draw the payroll of their staff as per specific working hours as ML & AI is often related to biometric analysis.
  • Predictive Maintenance And Measures
    AI & ML can be used by the manufacturing industry to have a meaning pattern of their workshop data. Preventative and corrective actions can be taken based on analysis of these data which in turn minimizes the risk of failures and delays in production.

Thus we can say that Machine learning and artificial intelligence can provide many solutions to business problems be it service sector, medical or manufacturing. Companies like Aeries with their battery of experts are doing Data mining using AI and ML at a reasonable cost getting the correct interpretation helping businesses to stay ahead in competition in this challenging market.


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